"Decide to Just Do Anything Consistently!"  - - Dr. Bud
"Decide to Just Do Anything Consistently!"  - - Dr. Bud

I like to Move it Move it

FitnessWork, LLC


Since 2003, Dr. Bud @ FitnessWork, LLC (FW) has been consulting, communicating, and coaching young and old, organizations, teams and Fortune 500 companies inspiring them to "Decide to Just Do Anything Consistently!" 

FitnessWork, LLC is pending Service Disabled Veteran Small Business (DVSB) status with the state of Oregon and proud to work with veterans and all active and inactive adults, youth and seniors. Whether it be a walk in the park, a zestfull hike, pickel ball or competing in a triathlon, Dr. Bud is there!

Americas Wellness sergeant


Whether it be Health & Well-Being coaching, consulting, or communicating, Dr. Bud will get into your heart by getting in your face with his national award winning theme of "Just Do Anything - Consistently!" The deck is stacked against you at birth. 

Keynote wake up call


Do you want to wake up your team with a dose of reality from America's Wellness Sergeant in fun. 


Available in PDX and Hillsboro

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FitnessWork, LLC

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123, United States


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