2009 - Truckers to Triathletes Team - 2018

The Legend of T2T

T2T started with one trucker in 2009 on a busy Con-Way Freight Operations Terminal dock near the Portland Airport. Over the following 10 years, T2T would see 100+ combined Truckers and family compete in triathlons events  in a dozen trucking companies around the USA. Many trucker athletes can be seen biking and running with their family today. 

John Schneidewind, aka Trucker John had attempted a "Choose to Loose" 12 week weight loss competition at the CNW freight terminal but did not loose one single pound. Dr. Bud, Trucker John's embedded site health coach chatted with Trucker John about giving it more focus and was challenged to start to walk, swim and bike at his 24hr Fitness gym. And he did, with great effort and commitment although John worked 12-14hrs per day as a line haul driver moving freight from the CNW Portland Airport terminal to CNW Seattle. 

The rest is history. Trucker John went on to loose 50+ lbs and compete in several triathlons and his two sons David & Daniel joined in his triathlon and running events over the years. 

Later that year in 2009, Trucker Brett Wright and Trucker Al Garcia joined Trucker John and Dr. Bud and all 4 completed a Sprint Triathlon of a half mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run.  In September, Trucker Brett, Trucker Al and Trucker John each formed CNW Freight Terminal teams and the Truckers to Triathletes Team Relays were born. 

And now more than a decade later trucker athletes and their families continue to compete in active events with friends, family and fellow truckers.  Follow their facebook feed @ 

T2T National Story

Watch this professionally produced made for CableTV 43 minutes T2T documentary and follow the Trucker Triathletes around the USA as they compete against fellow truckers, NW triathletes and professional triathletes in S. Carolina and Portland, Ore.  These athletes worked 12-14hrs. 

CableTV T2T Documentary