Dr. Bud At a Glance

Dr. Bud is a proud husband, father, gramps of 6, award winning health coach and IronMan 70.3 Triathlete. He can be seen Just Doing Anything Consistently around Oregon.

Dr. George "Bud" Harris was born in California where he entered the US Air Force at 20 and spent 10 years in Europe as a Telecom Tech with a Top Secret Security Clearance. 

After the USAF, Dr. Bud was a licensed electrician and engineering technician and supervisor for 10 years for SONY, HMT, Intel, and Williams Gas Company. He attended night school for 25 years while working full time with a wife, daughters and a mortgage to receive his PhD in Safety.

In 2002 he won a regional 12 gym weight loss contest to loosing 35 lb and 8% body fat. Super excited about that Dr. Bud signed up for a NW Triathlon and became a certified ACE personal trainer. He was hooked on coaching and competing in triathlons and over the next decade, he would acquire many certifications in OSHA and the Safety & Health field. 

Now 15 years later, Dr. Bud "America's Wellness Sergeant" has inspired thousands to Decide to Just Do Anything! 

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Who is Dr. Bud?


Dr. Bud's formal education 25 years night school

  • Doctorate Safety Engineering: Health & Well-Being 
  • Masters in Arts Organizational Management 
  • Bachelor Science in Managerial Leadership
  • Associate Applied Science Electronic System Technology
  • Executive Certification Health Promotion Corp Wellness
  • Anthony Robbins Mastery University
  •  21st Air Force Air University Leadership Academy
  • US Air Force Telecom Journeyman Tech Trade School


Dr. Bud's safety, health & well-Being certifications

  • CPT - Personal Trainer American Council on Exercise
  • cWC - Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches Inc. 
  • CET - Ergonomics Technician - NAHF
  • HSI Medic Firstaid CPR AED BBP Instructor & Trainer
  • STSC - Construction Safety Trained Supervisor - BCSP
  • CMBF - Mind Body Fitness Coach - Spencer Institute
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist - NESTA
  • Certified Weight Management Specialist - ACE
  • World Instructor Training Schools Associate Instructor
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Gen Industry Trainer - OSHA


Here is a Sample of Dr. Bud's awards

  • SHARP - Safety Health Recognition Program - OSHA
  • Wellcoaches Inc. Coaching Excellence Outcome Award
  • Wellness Coaches USA Innovation Excellence Award
  • Intel Central Safety Committee Award: FitWorker Well
  • Tyco Electronics EHS Excellence N. America Nominee 
  • Gold Member of Year National Association Health & Fit
  • Eagle Scout Association - 4th Youngest CAL Eagle Scout
  • Con-way Freight Leadership &  Teamwork Award
  • HMT Presidents Silver Disk Quality Excellence Award